How do I save the workbook?

Saving the Spreadsheet Video Tutorial

To save a House Flipping Spreadsheet project, you are going to use the standard Excel save functions that are use to save any other ordinary Excel spreadsheet.

You have a few different options for saving the workbook, one being File Save, the other being a File, Save As. 

Again these options are standard saving options for Excel, and saving the House Flipping Spreadsheet is no different than saving any other file, document or spreadsheet.

But there is one very crucial and important save setting that you need to be aware of, and that is the file type.

The default workbook type is a Macro-Enable workbook, which basically means that the spreadsheet has built-macros and code that is used to perform certain operations and functions.

When you go to save the file, you want to make ensure that are saving the file as a Macro-Enabled workbook.

 If you do not save the file as a macro-enabled workbook, the macro coding and Vba coding that is used throughout the spreadsheet will be cleared and deleted from the workbook…and the spreadsheet will no longer operate properly.

There have been several instances where clients have lost spreadsheet functionality in their workbooks, & ultimately lost all of their data entry into the spreadsheet, so it is very important that you save the spreadsheet as a macro-enabled workbook.

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