Will the Desktop Version work on a Microsoft Surface?

No, unfortunately the Desktop Version will not work on a Microsoft Surface.

The Desktop Version has macros, vba coding and other formulas that are not supported or compatible w/ the Excel program installed on a Microsoft Surface.

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    Sf Tdhpllc

    How do I know what does and doesn"t work on windows Surface? I seem to have things working but starting anotheer one and curious? And when was the last upgrtade 5.9?

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    Dave w/ HouseFlippingSpreadsheet.com

    Hi There,

    I probably need to correct this statement because I believe the new Microsoft Surface 3 or 4 supports the full version of Microsoft Excel.  If your Surface supports the full version of Microsoft Excel (w/ macros) then the House Flipping Spreadsheet should work on your Microsoft Surface.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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